Current seniors interested in philanthropy and fundraising work with University Advancement staff to create a year-long campaign focused on educating peers on annual giving and securing the first gift of their alumni career. The Senior Gift is a strong tradition at Sewanee, and as young alumni constitute a growing population of total alumni, it is a vital piece in our efforts to foster philanthropy and future support.

The Senior Gift Committee works hard to raise awareness of how charitable giving has impacted every aspect of their four years at Sewanee. Through peer-to-peer solicitations and events, the Senior Gift combines education and fun—all to promote and foster a life-long desire and habit in our newest alumni of giving back to Sewanee.

Additionally, students from all years assist the Advancement office by participating in our strong student caller program. “Phonathon,” as it is popularly known, is an integral part of Sewanee’s fundraising efforts as well as an excellent opportunity for alumni to connect with current students.


View the 2016 Senior Gift co-chair profiles here.

2016-2017 Senior Class Participation

  • 432 Seniors Participating