What is the Sewanee Fund?

The Sewanee Fund supports every facet of a Sewanee education. Donations raised through the Sewanee Fund support everything from the arts to athletics, from maintaining the beauty of our 13,000 acre Domain to funding scholarships for the students who enjoy that Domain. Each year parents and grandparents play a major role in shaping the Sewanee experience with their gifts to the Sewanee Fund. 

Why give to the Sewanee Fund?

  • Tuition does not cover the per-student cost of a Sewanee education. The University annually spends over $20,000 on each student above expenses covered by tuition. Sewanee relies on gifts to the Sewanee Fund from our parents, grandparents, and families to bridge this gap. 
  • Gifts to the Sewanee Fund immediately contribute to exceptional teaching, state-of-the-art classroom technology, excellent library resources, and more. From the sports field to the theatre, the science lab to the student center, the Sewanee Fund keeps Sewanee thriving. 
  • Parent giving impacts Sewanee’s reputation. Parent giving participation rate is used by publications in determining Sewanee's ranking among peer institutions. Additionally, corporate and foundation donors note participation rates when deciding if Sewanee will receive invaluable grant money. High participation is viewed as high satisfaction with the University and impacts both Sewanee’s reputation and our ability to raise funds from other resources.
  • Every gift to the Sewanee Fund makes a difference. Worried that a modest gift will just be a drop in the bucket? That’s the point—every drop is essential when filling that bucket!
  • Special success creates special opportunities. Our fundraising goals are based on the needs of the operating budget. When we exceed those goals we open doors to even more academic programs, special events, and facility improvements. There is no limit to how much we can benefit Sewanee students.

Would you consider making a gift to The Sewanee Fund today?

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