David Johnson

David Johnson, C’19

–‌ Politics major, Business minor, Certificate in Creative Writing
– Honor Council Member
– Carey Fellows business honors program
– Microfinance in South Asia study away program
– Varsity basketball player
– Internships at Grameen Bank and NAACP Headquarters
– Watson Fellow 

Sewanee’s small classes allow me to immerse myself in the course content as well as in the lives of our professors. Prof. Elizabeth Grammer, for example, encourages me to write about topics I am deeply passionate about, such as race. She continues to give me confidence for life, and for that, I consider her an amazing professor and an even better friend.

My internship at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh definitely pointed me in my current direction. I want to make an impact on my community both socially and economically. At Grameen Bank, we helped enable some of the poorest individuals to become entrepreneurs. This gave me a sense of purpose. My aim is to affect the lives of those around me and hopefully inspire them to do the same for others along the way.

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