Cornerstone Scholarships


In an era when the price of a private, liberal arts education is out of reach for many, especially in the middle class, we are committed to ensuring that all students have affordable access to this transformative experience through an exciting new financial aid scholarship opportunity.

We seek to provide more competitive financial aid and improve career-building opportunities to create a diverse community of academic excellence that will prepare our students for success. New philanthropic dollars will help Sewanee sustain the Sewanee Pledge: unless the student’s financial circumstances change substantially, the amount of tuition paid when he or she enters will be the amount paid at graduation. 

How we steward your gift

When you fund a Cornerstone Scholarship at $5,000 per year, we make it possible for you to have interactions with the student you are supporting through the Fairbanks Luncheon and personal correspondence. When you make a four-year commitment, you can follow your student for four years, seeing how they embrace the opportunities and transformative experiences a place like Sewanee can provide. If you prefer to make a gift to benefit the School of Theology, the commitment is three years, to match the matriculation term of a seminarian. If you can only make a commitment for one year, you will still learn about a particular student, though you will not enjoy learning their full Sewanee story. When you make a four-year commitment of $40,000 ($10,000 per fiscal year) you will be able to add preferences such as regional origin or academic interests. 

Why Sewanee needs your support?

The rising cost of higher education makes garnering philanthropic support for financial aid critical to the University’s competitive success.

  • Financial aid means we can provide access to every student for whom Sewanee is the best fit.
  • Unfunded financial aid makes up over 20 percent of the University’s annual operating budget, and your gifts help relieve that budgetary commitment.

Your dollars for financial aid in turn strengthen Sewanee in every way through the work of our excellent family, coaches, and staff.

Gift Opportunities

  • Provide a one-time Cornerstone Scholarship with a minimum gift of $5,000
  • Create a named Cornerstone Scholarship with a gift of $20,000 ($5,000 a year for four years)
  • Support a student from your home town or who shares your collegiate interests with a named Cornerstone Scholarship at the $40,000 level ($10,000 a year for four years)

If you would like to establish a Cornerstone Scholarship now, you may use our giving site to set up your gift. If you would like to talk Cornerstone with us without commitment right now, contact us to request information.