Class Agent

Volunteers! We have officially launched a new online portal. All your assigned classmates, as well as their contact info, will be easily accessible through your profile. Automatically make calls, send emails, and report your results all on one page! Class Agent has officially launched, so if you want to learn more about the program and discover how to navigate your assignments, check out the Class Agent PowerPoint PDF for step by step instructions on how to use the webstite! 

Sewanee’s class chairs and volunteers are the cornerstone of alumni support for the Sewanee Fund. A network of over 500 alumni volunteers work with the Sewanee Fund staff each year to reach out to their classmates, connect them with the University, and ask for their support. Volunteer leadership and participation are a crucial part of Sewanee Fund outreach to alumni and its attempt to achieve dollar and participation goals each fiscal year. They also serve an invaluable role in the alumni community by serving as ambassadors for Sewanee by sharing how critical it is for alumni to support Sewanee with gifts to the Sewanee Fund each year.


The Sewanee Fund is a critical component of the University’s budget and directly impacts the quality of student and faculty/staff life on campus. Without the general support alumni, parents, and friends provide through the Sewanee Fund, the University would have to increase its endowment resources by almost $75 million to support the fiscal year budget.

In fiscal year 2017, the Sewanee Fund raised over $4.06 million. In terms of participation, our graduate alumni rate was 36 percent, well above the national average. When foundations review Sewanee’s applications for grants and awards, whether for the college or for students and faculty, they look carefully at alumni participation rates as a reflection of the University. It is in the area of participation where the SF needs the invaluable help of our volunteers to make the connections with classmates and encourage annual gifts to the Sewanee Fund.

To better support our volunteers, we’ve created this Volunteer Handbook‌. If you have any questions, please contact the Advancement Office by calling 800.367.1179 or emailing sewaneefund@sewanee.edu.

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