Fund Facts & FAQS

Why give to the Sewanee Fund?

The University prayer contains the phrase, “[…] and raise up to the University, we humbly pray Thee, a never-failing succession of benefactors […].” Since our founding, Sewanee has always depended on the goodwill of her alumni, family, and friends to give their support in order to thrive. Sewanee Fund staff and volunteers work to encourage potential donors to give what they can as a sign of their commitment to continue the mission of the University of the South.

Do all gifts, regardless of size, make a difference?

Without a doubt, alumni participation and gifts make a significant impact. The more alumni that give to Sewanee, the more attractive and viable Sewanee looks to foundations and other grant-awarding and external ranking organizations. Family and friends who make charitable contributions to the Sewanee Fund are a significant source of support for our students and faculty, as well. Gifts of all kinds help provide access and opportunity on the Mountain.

How can alumni give to the Sewanee Fund?

It’s so easy! 
Online: Click here
Phone: 1.800.367.1179
Mail: Sewanee Fund
        University Advancement
        735 University Avenue
        Sewanee, Tennessee 37383

Can I make recurring payments to the Sewanee Fund?

Yes, the Sewanee Fund offers the opportunity to set up automatic payment schedules monthly or annually. Doing so creates a convenient and flexible system for managing your giving through installments and alleviates the need for Sewanee to send you appeals. Further, you provide the University with the valuable ability to forecast additional budgetary needs based on your steady support. If you prefer an alternative to automatic payments, the Sewanee Fund also accepts multi-year pledges.

When can I make my donation?

We gladly accepts gifts throughout the year. Please note that the University’s fiscal year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30.